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We cover all aspects of bathroom installation and refurbishments, from fixtures and fittings to plumbing – in maintenance work, our experienced team ensure the highest levels of workmanship at all times. We offer a complete bathroom fitting service and oversea every part of the installation or renovation project. 


We cover all aspects of kitchen installations, from design to completion. We can also supply and fit for you, ensuring your new kitchen is installed with the minimum of disruption to you the customer.   


Leaks can occur at any point in a system, they are often very tricky as the place where they present themselves can often be along way from the source. Knowing where to find it comes with experience.    

There are many reasons for a lack of water pressure these range from corrosion of a pipe, defective valve, faulty fixtures or mechanical equipment, air circulating in the system, a build up of sediment the list goes on. These can be time consuming to customers but for a professional they can be dealt with in a timely manor with minimal disruption.


We pay attention to the smallest details, making sure everything we do is flawless. If you feel like your tiling whether it be wall or floor needs a refreshing change, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With a wide variety of tiling materials, colours available to the only challenge is choosing the design which your happy with.

We install all types of tiles including ceramics, porcelain. Slate, stone, glass, Victorian and marble.


We are committed to making sure that whatever your joinery needs, that they are fitted professionally and both the design and functionality are completed to the highest standard.

  • Internal doors
  • Arcichive
  • Skirting boards
  • Staircases / bannisters
  • flooring
full house refurbishments

There are many properties around that just need a little TLC to bring them back to their former glory – but property renovations and building restorations can be hard work, especially if you dont have the right experience and equipment. We enjoy our property renovation projects - there`s something very satisfying about seeing everything come together and leaving our clients happy.

Some property renovations are just a case of some basic home improvements while bigger ones requiring building works require a need for professional help .